Friday, April 15, 2011

Pete Battery Checkup

So its been a while . . and we're into the stage of 'good stuff' from my now almost 3 year old son, Buddy Bagah. Here are a few of his latest . . . .

The bottle of red stuff with a picture of a tomato on the front of it is checkup. It is not catsup or ketchup, it is checkup and he will swear to his dying day that it is checkup :)

Lately, I have been sneaking up on Buddy B and saying Psssssssst. It makes him giggle and reply: Peeeeeeete. I always ask him, 'who is Pete?' Say it out loud and you will see that psst and pete are not that far apart to the human ear :)

I think this is the best by far though. The toilet in the master bathroom has a broken flapper (ok I never said I was a plumber so no need with the technical names for these things), so to combat the constantly running toilet, Daddy has turned off the water to the potty. After a long night little Buddy B had to potty and came into Mommy and Daddys potty to go. Upon flushing, his statement to Daddy was ' Daddy, the toilet needs new batteries'

Ah, motherhood, priceless treasures!

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