Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quite the Week

Well its been quite the week, I must admit. Tuesday while getting a chair massage, I fainted and not from being beyond relaxed . . . we still dont know what from but for the next 30 days I'm the lucky recipient of a heart even monitor. . . . . . and if today didnt set it off, nothing will! :)
Hubby and I decided to watch a movie . . .no small feet with 2 young children. I think I counted 7 times that we paused the movie, and that was just in the first 40 minutes. Snuggle down and into the movie . . .until about 40 minutes to its end and we hear BAM and then waaaaaahhhhhhhh . .. . I have to tell my husband to pick up his son as he is so into the movie he is not really noticing his son wailing on the floor next to him. With that he hops out of his chair, scoops up my son and Im up faster that you can asked what happened as I notice the blood streaming down my sons face. My husband yells for me to get dressed (I was LOUNGING on a SUNDAY morning for goodness sakes!) and we rush Bagah off to the ER.
4 stitches on the right side of his forehead, a new bear and a popsicle later we leave the ER to come home and 'rest' on this God given day.
No worse for the wear and no events recorded . . .well, at least not on the heart monitor.
Oh, the treasures of Motherhood . . ..