Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The 10 minute ride home

Its been a rough day at work and Im headed to the sitter to pick up the kiddos. We get out of the sitters without event and I get my son in the car while Sassy attempts to open her car door.
'Mom, My hands are raining'
'um no, I dont think so, get in, MOMMY is getting rained ON.

We pull to the light at the end of the street, where there is a Hardee's.
'Mom, look a Dairy Queen'
'No, there is no Dairy Queen'
'Yes there is. Look. Behind the Hardees'
'There is NO Dairy Queen'
'Yes there is'
'Yes there is'
Ok Im done with THIS part of this conversation.

'Why did the underpants say BOO to the Banana'?
'I dont know Sassy, why?'
'Because the Banana was HUNGRY, get IT?'
Dont worry I didnt either.

'Mom is a vegetable a fruit?'
'No Sassy a vegetable is a vegetable'
'Can I watch Veggie Tales, dressed up as a Pirate?'

'I want Spaghetti for dinner' Sassy says
'Does Daddy have hockey tonight?'Sassy asks
'Can I put a dress on when I get home?' Sassy asks
'Get Bagah out of the car first tonight' Sassy says

'Are we home yet?' Mommy asks . . . . .

Oh the treasures of Motherhood!


Queen of Klutz

So its official, Sassy is now the Q of K (Queen of Klutz). We went to a friends lake house over the weekend and I kept saying hold on, slow down, dont run, etc. This didnt seem to stop her, slow her down or help.
Walking to the dock, you walk the length of 6 2 x 10's. There is then another set of 6 2 x 10s to finish the boardwalk to the dock. BETWEEN these boards, there is a space, no larger than, hmm say the size of a small childs FOOT (are you going there with me yet?) :)
So the youngest girls are down fishing on the boardwalk, I am up in the house with Baga, keeping him occupied AWAY from the water and I begin to hear my daughter WAILING. I dont think much of it, she IS a drama queen. As the screaming and wailing gets louder I think I better look to see what might be going on. My daughter and hubby are now out on the screened in porch, my daughter on my husbands lap with her legs splayed open as wide as they will go. My eyes dart to her upper thigh (inches below her private parts mind you) and the scrapes and bruises there. She has managed to fall down between the boardwalk boards all the way to her torso and she had to be pulled out (or so Im imagining as Im not quite sure how Dad got her up to the porch and really dont ask for the details). I kick into action and get the peroxide and we clean her up. The owners of the house and dock feel horrible that they never noticed the gap between the boards, and Im thinking uh no, I feel horrible that my daughter is so klutzy!

The same night the kids are playing in the upstairs bedroom, which is loaded with bunks to the ceiling . . . . . which has a ceiling fan on it. Lets do the math on this one. Kids + beds to ceiling + ceiling fan = . . . . You guessed it. One girl decided hand spinning the fan would be fun. Oh yes, all was fun until my daughters head got in the way! (No marks to speak of for THIS klutzy fun).

Sunday, we are getting ready to leave and the Queen of Klutz is again on the prowl. She is RUNNING with FLIP FLOPS on, into the bathroom with a FURRY RUG right in her path. Are you seeing THIS ONE coming? :) I am standing on the porch with my son in my arms and looking through the sliding glass doors at the impending scene of doom before me. It happens in slow motion. Trip goes her foot and slam goes her face into the corner of the vanity in the bathroom. Oh SH*^ says Mommy as she all but throws down Baga and runs for the bathroom. Luckily the owner of the house is a good Mommy and she is yelling "Ive got him" as I tear into the bathroom to peel my daughters face off of the vanity. We put some frozen hot dogs on her face (almost as good as frozen corn) and settle in to bring down the swelling and calm down. She is still crying many minutes later and I finally ask her if it hurts that bad, thinking she has shattered a cheek bone or something . . . . no, she is crying because she thinks the pontoon boat has left without her and wants to go boating.

She might be the Queen of Klutz, but shes as tough as nails (which is a good thing apparently!).

Oh the treasures of Motherhood!