Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The 10 minute ride home

Its been a rough day at work and Im headed to the sitter to pick up the kiddos. We get out of the sitters without event and I get my son in the car while Sassy attempts to open her car door.
'Mom, My hands are raining'
'um no, I dont think so, get in, MOMMY is getting rained ON.

We pull to the light at the end of the street, where there is a Hardee's.
'Mom, look a Dairy Queen'
'No, there is no Dairy Queen'
'Yes there is. Look. Behind the Hardees'
'There is NO Dairy Queen'
'Yes there is'
'Yes there is'
Ok Im done with THIS part of this conversation.

'Why did the underpants say BOO to the Banana'?
'I dont know Sassy, why?'
'Because the Banana was HUNGRY, get IT?'
Dont worry I didnt either.

'Mom is a vegetable a fruit?'
'No Sassy a vegetable is a vegetable'
'Can I watch Veggie Tales, dressed up as a Pirate?'

'I want Spaghetti for dinner' Sassy says
'Does Daddy have hockey tonight?'Sassy asks
'Can I put a dress on when I get home?' Sassy asks
'Get Bagah out of the car first tonight' Sassy says

'Are we home yet?' Mommy asks . . . . .

Oh the treasures of Motherhood!


1 comment:

Diver Daisy said...

My hands are raining?????? lmao

Does she have a pirate outfit? Does she need one? I can buy/find one :)

Never know what she might grow up to be . . .hehehe