Monday, July 20, 2009

TINY adjectives

So we went to my mother-in-laws over the weekend. Let me set the scene for you. She lives in a TINY one bedroom apartment. So to fit her tiny one bedroom, she has a tiny full size bed. The hubby is a xx-large size kinda guy. Not FAT, just the kind of guy that if you run into him while playing hockey you bounce off of him and he thinks a flea has hit him. I'm built just like Marilyn Monroe minus the top half and the white blowy dress (LOL). Anyway, we wake up at 6 AM to drive 2 hours to go visit the TINY apartment. Not wanting to drive 2 hours home after a day of boating and NOT a TINY amount to drink, I put my son down in the squeezed in pac-n-play (which hardly fits at the foot of the bed) and let my daughter sleep on a palette in the living room with NaNa diligently watching her from her sleeping perch of the sofa. Im JUST falling asleep and in comes the hubby. He every so gently crawls in bed and I am immediately rolled to the bottom of the abyss that has been created in the middle of the bed. I readjust and finally fall asleep (10 PM).
11:30, the dogs begin to bark. Somewhere. Somewhere CLOSE to the window that is also CLOSE to my head.
11:45 the neighbors above the TINY apartment must have been roused by the barking dogs (which didn't sound TINY) and they STOMP to the bathroom.
1:20, my husband shakes me awake from a dream that I am having about my grandma, who is only a pair of hands in my dream, the rest of her is invisible and she is getting ready to stab me in the back (a metaphor of which I am sure of as she wouldn't hurt anyone!). Hubby says 'wake up'. no you are having a bad dream, no r u ok, just WAKE UP.
2:30, hubby wakes up hot (which it is, Ive just been tossing and turning in my own sweat) and decides to set up a box fan. Drops the box fan LOUDLY in the TINY bedroom against the TINY dresser. Lord.
3:30, the bedroom door creaks (LOUDLY) open and Im so bleary eyed that I decide Im not going to even see who it is. So instead the hubby says, Sassy why are you in here? Of course at which point I slit open my eyes to see the outline of my daughter in our TINY room and she proceeds to say ' Mommy, I just saw a ghost.' I mumble uh huh. She says 'I did, in the corner', it was big and scary. At the same time hubby is telling her to go back to bed, I am saying come on and crawl in bed with us (as I vowed as a little kid to never turn my kids away at night if they were traumatized about something). Up into the TINY bed she comes, between me and mammoth man. She fits nicley into the middle of the bed abyss and I now fit nicely on the edge of falling out of bed.
3:30-6, pushing feet out of my butt, knees out of my back, elbows out of my gut and hands and hair out of my face. ug
6, Bagah (my son, Bagah is his FAVORITE word) who has 'slept' through all of the drama is now 'playing' in his pac-n-play. Thumping his feet excitedly on the bottom of his pac-n-play to listen to the cool loud banging it makes. He is wearing footed pajamas that are 'grippy' on the bottom of them, so it is ALSO cool to drag our feet across the mesh of the pack- n-play as fast as we can to hear the awesome sound it makes which is close to grating a walnut on a cheese grater.
6:20, Rustling at my side, Good Morning Mama! (oh God, PLEASE let her not see that it is light out), too late, she has. Hubby says its NOT morning. Sassy says can I go see NaNa? YES, GO.
6:25, I pick up Bagah and set him OUTSIDE the TINY bedroom and shut the door. The TINY bedroom just got BIGGER!

Later I learn that the ghost was a Pumpkin Monster, which later the same day turned into a Pumpkin Headed something or other. Books, movies, something I SWEAR she is going to be writer!

Oh the treasures of Motherhood!

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Diver Daisy said...

I am so sure you were a joy to be with that day! :)
I can't believe she wanted to come in there - and by the way, what does he mean when he says bagah?

This story makes me think of two things - how I would crawl in bed with YOU when I was scared - see you had to have practice for when you grew up! And the other is that time I spent the night at your house and that *7%@ dog was barking out back and you screamed at it. HA