Friday, July 17, 2009

The Cowgirl and the Shrimp

So I stood in my closet this morning thinking about what to wear and with much attention to my mood and feelings I chose my oh so well fitting jeans, my brown cork sandals a tan tee shirt with a dark brown vest. After dressing I looked in the mirror and made a rare decision that I didnt look too bad. In walks my daughter . . . Good Morning Mommy . . . my reply, Good Morning Baby (she's 4, I still can get away with it). And then I hear the words that no mother likes to hear . . . Mommy you look so nice today, you look like a cowgirl. And hear I am thinking Im looking good enough to go out to a club instead of work and she picks a cowgirl? Ok, so onto the jewelry. I find some gold hoops, not too large and not too small . . . JUST right . . . . . aparently not. Mommy, I like those earrings they look like Shrimp. Shrimp . . . not EXACLTY the look I was going for with the cowgirl outfit I must admit.

So then I say to Sassy 'Well, I guess Mommy will change out of her cowgirl outfit and her shrimp earrings and go to work since your making Mommy feel like she's not dressed right'.

The priceless reply ' Silly Mommy, then youll be at work in your underwear and then everyone WILL laugh at you.

PS Did I mention I went out at lunch and bought new earrings?

Oh, the treasures of Motherhood . . . .


Diver Daisy said...

Dang she's good! Fashion divas look out!

Diver Daisy said...

Oh, by the way, love the monogram. Thought you wanted it for a tatoo on your body though, not this . . . :)